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Provide rates for both prospects and existing clients; Investigate service issues and work with employees and clients to resolve them; Analyze sales data to the client level to proactively determine margin issues, and provide solutions; Annual review of client increase expectations, client prices and recommendations and implementation of new prices; Manage the performance of team members including writing and delivering performance appraisals; Ensure that team members are cross-trained, including compliance with DOT & OSHA codes and safety standards; Involved in work scheduling/planning; Interface and coordinate with executive management, customer service, product development, and sales; Manage, monitor and evaluate workflow; order management, outsourcing, quality control, receiving, inventory control, picking, packing, shipments and overall operations; Implement and oversee cost control measures to strengthen Gross Profit and Contribution; Oversee monthly budget, including the measurement of key profit indicators; Partner with the clients on the value and implementation of their business plan and the business review process as a method of planned growth and profitability for the company.


Associate’s degree in any field and two years of experience in the position or as Manager or Assistant Manager or any related position.

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